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SYMA FPV drone, install SYMA FPV app and let the RC quadrocopter connect with WiFi, then it will provide real time HD image transmission that bring you the visual stimulation. Let the camera be your eyes, take 360-degree 3D photos and videos in the best angle. Each item will take with clear pdf manual, so you can kown how to fly. Please belive that the first person view will bring you ultimate flight experience.
Buy economical and high quality FPV drone right here.We only provide Genuine SYMA FPV drones, like SYMA X8HW, SYMA X5SW, SYMA X5HW, SYMA X22W, SYMA X21W, SYMA X23W and many others.

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  1. SYMA X21W FPV Mini Drone WiFi Camera RC Drone

    Regular Price: $43.73

    Special Price $30.61

    SYMA X21W is an excellent beginner aircraft that can provide you with enormously joy while you improving your drone-flying skills. It is an APP Control drone the allows users to control through their mobile devices. It has a user-friendly APP interface and features all kinds of easy-to-use functions for users to get proficiency in no time. The gravity sensor mode turns your phone right into a remote control, you manipulate your drone through your phone by tilting it all around in different directions. It also provides the flight-track function that the drone will follow the track you draw on your phone screen and reach the waypoints one by one until arrive the destination. In the mean time, you can record the views along the way through the real-time transmission or enjoy the HD photos that taken from the set angles. The altitude hold function allows a more stable flight experience and avoids the blurred shots. SYMA X21W - the best drone you can begin with.

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  2. SYMA X23W FPV Real Time Transmission WiFi Camera Drone

    Regular Price: $50.21

    Special Price $35.15

    SYMA X23W is a portable app controlled mini drone with camera. You are able to control it with your smartphone or tablets with one simple touch. The waypoint control allows your drone to autonomously pilot and moves in the direction that you draw on the phone. Simultaneously, the FPV Live Stream function transmits what drone captures with its camera back to your phone in the first person view, and then you are able to explore the view that you’re unable to see. Other than that, you can control it in the gravity control mode by tilting your phone in all directions. You don’t need to worry about the loss of direction problem of the drone once you enter the headless mode, it will make it flies in any directions and follows the operation on remote control or your phone. There’s another amazing feature about it is the 360°flip over that it manages to do all kinds of tumbling patterns that you can imagine. The high grade plastic material prevent it from wearing when the dropping or collision happened and the LED navigation light makes it flyable at night.

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  3. SYMA X5UW-D FPV Real-time 4 Channel Remote Control Quadcopter

    Regular Price: $80.34

    Special Price $56.24

    X5UW-D is a drone with FPV adjustable camera. It features optical flow positioning function and is able to adjust its 720P HD camera for a better shot of photos and videos. You can capture the beautiful views through different angles. It also can fly along the track that you plan on your phone. Moreover, Its 2.4GHz transmitter and 6-axis gyro make the drone more stable and easy to use. The FPV Real-Time Transmission offers users a better aerial experience by live streaming the views on users’ phones. You can also enjoy the amazing 360° eversion of the drone with your friends and you do not need to adjust the position of drone before it takes off. It is also ready for flying at night with its colorful LED light on it. The equipment of the low-voltage and over-current protection helps to improve the security of the drone. Learn More
  4. SYMA X25 Pro Drone FPV WiFi RC Quadcopter

    Regular Price: $138.70

    Special Price $83.22

    SYMA X25PRO is a high quality aircraft with GPS technology, which making it one of the best drones ever produced by SYMA. It offers a range of new and mind-blowing features. The GPS Positioning Return System allows the drone to automatically return to the point where it took off. You don’t need to worry about the lost of drone under any circumstances. The Surround Flight and Guided Flight Function provide you a closer look at the subjects you made the drone go to in a route you designed. Another amazing feature is the Follow Me Mode which the drone will follow you by keeping you in the frame at all times, you can even take selfies from different angles. The FPV Real-Time Transmission enables the drone to produce a live feed to your mobile devices via SYMA app and you can enjoy the view in real time capturing by the drone. The feature of 90°adjustable wide-angle camera is another highlights that will broaden your vision and produces HD photos and high quality videos that beyond your imagination. Learn More
  5. SYMA X20W Mini FPV Drone with WiFi Camera

    Regular Price: $38.22

    Special Price $26.76

    SYMA X20W a mini 4-axis RC drone, a small and exquisite drone with camera. It is able to do the one-key take off and landing with just one button on remote controller or your phone. The flight track function lets you lead the way by drawing the flight route on your phone and the drone will follow your path. Once the drone took off, you are able to enjoy the real-time view through the FPV real-time transmission. You might also want to take a HD aerial photograph out of the beautiful landscape. Through the flight, you may let the drone hover up in the air for you to get a good photo from your desired angle. You can become a aerial photography master with the help of SYMA X20W. Learn More
  6. SYMA X8SW Drone WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter

    Regular Price: $120.18

    Special Price $72.11

    SYMA X8SW is a 4 channel remote control quadcopter. Not to mention its ability of one key take off/landing, it is also cable of doing 360° rolling and other stunning performance. The real time HD image transmission allows you to enjoy the pleasure of high definition photos and lifelike video. With the unique video mode, all the beautiful view is being captured by the camera. You can even enjoy the view in a vivid wide-angle in real time while using the barometer set height function. The drone is able to hover still in the air to capture the view more steadily. The headless mode with the super bright LED light helps users to find directions more clearly, also allows the drone to fly at night. Learn More
  7. SYMA X15W WiFi FPV Drone 3D Flip RC Quadcopter

    Regular Price: $56.69

    Special Price $34.01

    You are going to have a great flying experience with SYMA X15W, it is got the full package with a range of features that you can ever imagine. It is a 6-axis RC drone with camera that is suitable for both children and beginners. It can be connected to your smartphones through WiFi, it is compatible with iOS and Android system. The gravity control mode turns your phone right into a controller, you are able to let the drone do different types of flying through the APP control function, such as, the way-point control will let your drone follow the route you draw on the phone and the Hover Function enables the drone to be up in the air steadily. Through the FPV live stream you are able to enjoy the feed in no time via your phone. Go and get a SYMA X15W! Learn More
  8. SYMA Z3 Foldable Four-axis Drone

    Regular Price: $101.14

    Special Price $76.45

    SYMA Z3 is a new FPV RC Drone with Camera. You can make the drone fly both indoor and outdoor in full-scale operations, such as, ascending and descending, forward and backward, up and down etc. With the app control, you can also let it do the one-key take off and landing and the other intellectual features that you can imagine. In just a few minutes, you are familiar with the almost all the instructions about the drone. Having it keep its altitude let you have the opportunity to take a HD photos from the point you want and the FPV Real-Time Transmission function lets you enjoy the view in real time. Learn More
  9. SYMA Z2 4 Axis Foldable Drone Optical Flow Positioning

    Regular Price: $91.71

    Special Price $69.32

    SYMA Z2 a brand new folding 4-axis aircraft which is easy to carry and use. It can be used both indoor and outdoor. The operation of the aircraft can be done through APP control other than the traditional controller. It is able to do one-key take off and landing and other full-scale operation all by your phone. One of the highlights is the FPV real-time transmission, it is able to provide HD aerial photos and one can enjoy the live stream simultaneously as the drone is flying. When the drone reaches certain level, it can hover at that height and let you get a high clarity aerial photos and videos. Another highlight will be the optical flow positioning which helps the users to know the exact the location of the drone. Learn More
  10. SYMA X56WP/X56W-P Foldable Positioning Drone

    Regular Price: $78.39

    Special Price $54.88

    SYMA X56W-P is a foldable aircraft with many high-end features. It provides the features, such as the high density sensors and optical flow localization. The former one is able to sense the altitude precisely as you can set the height you want. The later one is about using technology to know the precise positioning of the drone. You can also adjust the camera for a better angle. It features 2 mega pixels wide angle camera to capture the view. Besides the full scale operation of up/down/left/right/side fly, it can also do a 360°3D tumbling stunt. The FPV real-time transmission function makes sure the users to watch the view in real time through theirs phone. Learn More
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