Drone is an unmanned aircraft operated by a radio remote control device and a self-contained program control device. Thought the drone is small in volume, it can be used for lots of ares.

SYMA X21 review

Nowadays, there are not only a smartphone, a camera and a gimbal can be used as photography tools. People are getting more and more like to use RC drone to shoot aerial views. The drone lover even like to fly a FPV drone, such as SYMA X21W, SYMA X20W, SYMA X22W to feel the flight experience.

In fact, drone technology has a great effect in agriculture. Drone can help farmers reduce their losses by identifying decaying crops and counting grain quantities on the spot. Drone can also be used to measure and develop farms and their irrigation systems. In addition, drone can be transformed into a mini sprinkler to irrigate. A drone can save much time and efforts of a farmer.

Environmental monitoring and protection
>It is similar to monitoring animals and crops on a farm. Drone is not easily detected by animals, so it can monitor the animals without interfering with animals’ work and rest, getting some important information such as protection effect, migration path, habitat management and flood estimation.

Construction industry
In the real estate industry, architects can design the 3D model of the buildings with pictures and short videos. They can quickly obtain the construction site aerial material with a drone so that they can get the best construction plan more accurate and faster. During the construction process, drone can be used for real-time monitoring and data feedback in order to ensure that the whole construction process is carried out accurately.