SYMA is known as the leading role of the drone market, which has a great reputation. SYMA Z2 is one of its latest models with comprehensive functions and affordable price. Its biggest highlight is its foldable mode that it is able to bring it with you easily. People would be attracted to this portable and multifunctional drone and have a lot of fun out of it.


Key Specs

  •  Weight: —
  •  Dimensions (L x W x H): 20*25.6*3.56cm
  •  Flight Speed: —
  •  Flight Time: Hover time is more than 7 minutes
  •  Experience Level: Beginner
  •  Flight Controller: APP Control

Key Features

SYMA Z2 a brand new folding 4-axis aircraft which is easy to carry and use. It can be used both indoor and outdoor. The operation of the aircraft can be done through APP control other than the traditional controller. It is able to do One-key take off and landing and other full-scale operation all by your phone. One of the highlights is the FPV Real-Time Transmission, it is able to provide HD aerial photos and one can enjoy the live stream simultaneously as the drone is flying. When the drone reaches certain level, it can hover at that height using the Hover Function and let you get a high clarity aerial photos and videos. Another highlight will be the Optical Flow Positioning which helps the users to know the exact the location of the drone.

01syma-z2For more information check symamall