Every brand has a story to tell. Here’s a story about a father and SYMA.
There was once this father Jason who had a rough childhood, he grew up in a poor family in South America. Jason’s father was a alcoholic and abandoned him when he was 10 years old. He never enjoyed a second in his childhood. He has been through a lot than the other children at his age. Although he had such bad experience in his life, he’s got a warm heart inside. He swears that he will become a loving father in the future and makes the best for his family. After few years, he had a family, his wife Angela and a lovely son Anderson. He loves his family however he’s just too busy making money and been missed Anderson’s Annual Day Performance in school. He provides for the family while forgetting what Angela and Anderson really want- accompany. He’s too busy that he doesn’t have time to read a bed time story to Anderson, to educate him or most importantly, to be there with his family. He became just like his father in another way. Though he was in deep regret for his absence in a few years of Anderson’s life, he didn’t do anything about it. It was until one day, Anderson said that he wanted Jason to be on a trip with him, Jason would like to have this trip with Anderson while he just couldn’t take that much day off work since he is the only one who work in the family. Anderson said that Jason will miss a lot of fun, and not able to take him go see the beautiful view of countryside. Jason was lost in thought, he must think a way to make this right. What is something that can entertain Anderson, accompany him and might also take him see the world. That made him wonder, he then goes and gets a SYMA drone for Anderson. SYMA drone will help you record HD photos and videos with HD camera from any angle and will also following the track you draw on your phone. You might also want to turn your phone into a remote control , the drone will go to the same direction as how you swing your phone. That way Anderson can enjoy the trip while entertaining himself. The design of SYMA is suitable for children and beginner. Finally, Jason found a way to make it up for Anderson. All thanks to SYMA– a good company with your children.