SYMA X5SW has a simple and beautiful appearance that has attracted most players. SYMA X5SW is easy to install and operate. The most important thing is it features high stability and throw-proof. This FPV drone has more attractive features, let’s have a look!

SYMA X5SW review

SYMA X5SW is made of ABS environment-friendly flexible material, which can be effectively buffer impact and protect the the parts of the drone when colliding some objects.

High controllability. SYMA X5SW is easy to control and fly stably. 360°flip function meets up and down, left and right, roll and all kinds of tumbling movements.

SYMA X5SW is equipped with a camera which can provide high quality real time aerial image that make every excited and further feel the high altitude scenery.

Compared to other similar products, SYMA X5SW has high cost performance. SYMA X5SW is great for beginners and children(12 years old+).

Simple and elegant appearance.
Easy installation and operation.
Stable flight.
FPV real time transmission.